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We are a manufacturer and trade company of high quality products We sell 100% natural honey bees, presented in jars of 30 grams or any figure indicated by the customer. It is the ideal solution for a healthy breakfast of hospitality business. We are a big company in Romania which has over 15 years of tradition in production of high quality honey, 100% pure product, obtained only on natural ways and with a guarantee quality, from all the special flowers in the Transylvanian Plateau. We are in a continuous ascension and we are looking new partners with who to share our success and develop new business in different markets on all over the globe. We deliver any quantity of acacia honey, linden and polyfloral. Qualitative selection of honey is according to European norms. Please find below our range Acacia Honey Light and golden with startling clarity, our exquisite Acacia Honey is pleasing to the sense of taste and smell. Unique to the region between Northern Italy and the Ukraine, our Acacia Honey comes from the forests of Romania. With a sugar profile that naturally resists crystallization, Acacia Honey has a convenience perfect for flavoring teas as well as gourmet desserts and many other recipes, and is a worthy natural alternative for treating certain cold symptoms. **** Linden Honey Light Amber in color, our Linden tree honey comes to you from breathtaking summer blooms in a Romanian forest. Medium sweet, woodsy, with strong elements of mint and lime that linger, Linden honey is ideal for soothing sore throats and treating respiratory issues. It’s distinct sedative properties are wonderful, natural stress relievers that calm the mind and relax the body. Use it with some of your favorite recipes or try a dollop in some herbal tea. Delicious! *** Polyfloral Honey Our polyfloral honey, also called wildflower honey, is a complex, one-of-a-kind blend of nectar qualities that are unique to each hive. The combination of numerous types of wildflowers in one essence, each batch is like a fingerprint that, once gone, will never be seen again. Honey lovers will appreciate the extraordinary, multilayered taste, as well as the high levels of antioxidants. We are a reliable partner so don't hesitate to contact us ! Andra Mih +407511 59449

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