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Bitumen Suppliers Ltd is a UK registered Company and distributes quality and unmodified or undiluted

Bitumen Products, along with other commodities throughout East and Central Africa as well as

Internationally. Bitumen Suppliers Limited specialises in Drummed Bitumen Grade 80/100 and Bitumen Grade

60/70 for road construction projects.

We supply over 35 different grades of Bitumen for road construction, civil engineering material, and

various industrial applications.

Bitumen Suppliers serve bulk buyers, road contractors and resellers into East and Central African Countries

as well as on a Global scale.

We supply the full range and grades of Bitumen including Penetration Bitumen, Oxidised Bitumen, Cutback

Bitumen and Bitumen Emulsions:

Penetration Bitumen:

Bitumen 80/100, bitumen 85/100, bitumen 60/70, bitumen 50/70 and bitumen 40/50 which are commonly used for

road construction. As well as Bitumen 6/12, bitumen 10/20, bitumen 20/30, bitumen 30/40, bitumen 100/120

and bitumen 180/200.

Cutback Bitumen:

MC30 Bitumen, MC70 Bitumen, MC250 Bitumen and MC3000 Bitumen.

Oxidised Blown Bitumen:

Bitumen R85/25 and Bitumen R90/15.

Bitumen Emulsions:

Bitumen SS1, Bitumen RS1 and Bitumen K160.

We enjoy an excellent mutually beneficial relationship with various refineries and suppliers around the

world and have honored our commitments which gives Bitumen Suppliers an excellent International rating. The

latest Biturox technology is used which produces high quality bitumen.

Bitumen Suppliers Limited also supply Bulk Bitumen.

Our dedicated and dynamic team has in-depth knowledge of world markets, through technical understanding of

Oil and Petroleum specifications, and exuberates honesty, trustworthiness and efficiency all round. We

react quickly to market demands and thus arbitrage opportunities.

Bitumen Suppliers is a customer focused organisation with a united, passionate and skilled workforce, with

the foresight to respond to changing customer needs through innovative solutions and technologically

efficient processes.

We are dedicated, hardworking and we are focused on building honest, long term relationships with our

Suppliers and our Clients.

At Bitumen Suppliers, we focus on set goals and deadlines for the contracts we undertake and deliver beyond

our promise. We perform duties with integrity and honesty, serving our clients with diligence.

We are in a position to supply bitumen to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen,

Ivory Coast, Congo, Mozambique, Angola, Nigeria, Malawi, South Africa, Djibouti, Zaire, Eritrea, Chad,

Central African Republic, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Senegal, Ghana, Guinea, Niger, Cameroon, Democratic

Republic Of Congo, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar and many other Countries. Our

Bitumen specifications comply with the Ministry of Roads Standards and Guidelines for all the African

Countries above and our high quality Penetration Bitumen Grade 80/100 and Penetration Bitumen Grade 60/70

is used in most cases. Bitumen Suppliers Limited ensure that all our Bitumen is packaged in strong New

Steel Drums.

Internationally we supply bitumen to Spain, Greece, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, China, India, Thailand, Sri

Lanka, Turkey, Portugal, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Russia and Belarus.

These Countries commonly use our Bitumen Grade 80/100 and Bitumen Grade 60/70.

Bitumen Suppliers aims to be the Worlds leading suppliers of quality road construction bitumen and building

materials. This is our Vision.

This inspiration and core belief has build a solid foundation for Bitumen Suppliers and drives us forward

into the future. We embrace change.

Bitumen Suppliers Limited has sales offices located in the UK and in Nairobi, Kenya.
Mr. Terry Carson

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Bitumen Suppliers Ltd
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