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The fact that psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease with redness, scaling and blistering, accompanied by a strongly accelerated growth of the upper coat of skin, should be known to all concerned <a href="">best seborrheic dermatitis shampoo</a>. The classification into several clinical morphological forms (psoriasis vulgaris, psoriasis pustulosa, psoriasis arthropathica, psoriasic erythrodermia) is unanimously acknowledged, but does not provide much insight into the pathogenesis of this disease.

Conventional treatment methods

The analysis of the therapeutic spectrum of psoriasis in the industrialized countries over the last 30 years shows again and again the same procedures as:

The irradiation therapy: UV treatment under stationary or ambulatory conditions, often combined with chemotherapeutic agents such as psoralen (PUVA therapy)
Climate therapy in high mountains or at sea combines the positive effect of the sun (UV irradiation) with the mineral and trace element effect of the sea water. This natural therapy also involves clinical or ambulatory approaches with UV rays and brine therapy, which are offered in clinics and spas.
Local symptomatic treatment with various ointments, creams and emulsions also in dermatological clinics and practices, mostly based on cortisone, retinoid, salicylic acid, cignoline and tar formulations.
Internal treatment of the most severe forms of psoriasis with vitamin A derivatives (tigason, roaccutan) or even with cytostatics (methotrexate, cyclosponil).

The above-mentioned therapy forms are certainly known to all those suffering from psoriasis and can still be found in any dermatological therapy approaches.

Unfortunately, all of these procedures have three similarities:

None of these procedures takes into account important provocation factors of psoriasis.
All of these procedures are directed only to the psoriatic symptoms (inflammation and high rate of proliferation of the skin cells, associated with scaling), which means that the time without complaints <a href="">dermatitis natural treatment</a> is limited and the relapses are repeated again and again after repeated treatment.
All of these procedures have various side effects which may be more or more severe for the patient in long-term use, from inhibition of immune reaction to atrophy of the skin, edema, loss of hair and internal organ damage, to skin cancer.

On the basis of these facts, the attention of those concerned has concentrated more and more on new, biological, low - side therapeutic approaches that have been used in recent years

under certain circumstances, a longer freedom of complaint.

Current Accompanying Therapies

Various therapies have been heard over the past few years from the use of one or other biological agent, usually as a complement to the classical forms of therapy. These include, For example the application of

Fumaric acid preparations for internal and external use,
polyunsaturated fatty acids such as, For example, from night candle and fish oil,
Antifungal agent, especially against the contamination of the intestine and
various dietary recommendations, which should also alleviate the symptoms.

Again, the approaches and the therapy succession are controversially discussed, since none of these new funds could register a significant success rate in the initial survey. <a href="">seborrheic dermatitis natural cure</a> This showed both the therapist and the affected patient again that it is not a question of the diagnosis of psoriasis on a general basis, but rather about treating the individual patient with his own biological pattern. The neurodermatitis patients have also recognized the same, and many therapists, who are now very well aware of the multifactorial determination of this disease.
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