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Ecoflor provides high quality flooring solutions including epoxy, industrial, liquid vinyl & more.

The team at Ecoflor always take great care in creating the perfect environment and base for your new floor. After all, the better the preparation is, the more durable and better the result. To learn more about Ecoflor and their flooring policies and business ethics, visit their website at

From the preparation that’s necessary for poured concrete floors to the prep for an epoxy coating, in each case, different flooring types and different environments demand different tools, different techniques, and different steps. Ecoflor in Cardiff, UK are your local flooring experts. Learn more about Ecoflor at

If you have a concrete floor and you wish to install a floor finish, in general, the preparation of choice according to the experts at Ecoflor will be HTC Superprep diamond grinding. The process generates a more even and smoother surface profile, which, once the project is at an end, makes a huge difference to the finish of the floor.

At, the team typically rely on HTC Superprep diamond grinding when installing a floor finish over a concrete surface. In fact, this technique is used prior to installing floor finishes that are resin or when a polished, high gloss concrete finish is desired. You can learn more about Ecoflor by giving them a call on 0800 6126 500.

The team at use HTC grinding machines which come with the very latest and best dust extraction systems when using HTC Superprep diamond grinding to prepare a concrete base before laying a floor. This means that the floor is prepared quickly, economically, and without any need for suspending operations elsewhere due to dust.

Captive shot blasting can be used to prepare new or existing concrete floors for toppings. It’s a technique that provides a surface that is textured while it can also be used in preparing steel to SA2.5, which is the standard that is required for the installation of a resin floor surface. Learn more about floor preparation and surfaces from

To undertake captive shot blasting in smaller spaces, the team at blast the floor with walk-behind machines that have been purpose built. For larger projects, they use ride-on blasters that are high speed, and this permits them to prepare as much as 3,000 meters sq. of flooring each day.

Do you have an existing floor that needs to be removed and replaced? At Ecoflor the team uses a milling and planing technique which is ideal for removing latex, toppings, adhesives and floor finishes. Through milling and planing, you will find that your existing finish is stripped away quickly and cleanly.

The machinery that is used by the flooring experts at for the process of milling and planing will depend on the surface and also the available space. Standard vacuum controlled walk-behind machines will typically be used for medium sized projects, whereas for larger projects a ride-on machine that is cold milling water controlled is used.

The fleet of grinding machines that are used by the expert technicians at make short work of spacious areas of tile adhesive, latex, and bitumen adhesive. These grinding machines are also excellent for creating a polished concrete floor and for getting rid of previous surfaces prior to the new coating or topping being applied.
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