Unique Artistic Cremation Urn For Ashes Nostalgia Adult Cremation Urn

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Brand Name: Gregspol Ltd
Model Number: Art13b
MOQ: 1
Color: Brown
Material: wood
Size: 4liters

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Cremation urns are not just containers where the cremated remains are placed. They mean more than this, because they accommodate your loved one inside them, and he or she certainly deserves a respectable resting place. An artistic cremation urn such as this beautifully designed Nostalgia Urn is surely a nice gesture towards your loved one’s memory. Made from wood, stained in a mahogany colour, this handmade cremation urn deserves a key place in your home, to be a unique memory of your beloved one. Made by artists these vessels are one-of-a-kind works of art. What better way to honor the life of a loved one than to memorialize them with a beautiful work of art.

The same Beautiful Urn You will not find anywhere else.

This will give your loved one a truly unique cremation urn made specially for your loved one. Many of the artist made urns do not look like urns at all. You can display them on the fireplace mantel and no one will even know it is an urn unless you tell them.
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