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Brand Name: ADROP
Function: Ionised alkaline, acidic and silver water
Capacity: 3 liter
Portable water ioniser: The only with additional silver water function

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Unique PORTABLE WATER IONIZERS for the UK market: -ADROP Silver (3litre size; additional Silver water function) -ADROP MINI (1.5 litre size; additional Silver water function) The device is easy to use, perfect for any household kitchen. It is portable, so you can have it with you wherever you go. No installation needed, No maintenance fee's or yearly visits. Start using the second you receive it! Our water ionizers are unique, not only because it is affordable, small and a good fit for every home, but because our ionizer are the only ones with additional Silver water making function! You will not find similar device. It is patented and certified product, made only by BPA-free plastic and have RoHS compliance.

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