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Brand Name: VDT
Model Number: Jenny +84 905 926 612
Place of Origin: Vietnam
MOQ: 16 Tons
Type: Liquid
Color: Dark Brown
Material: Sugarcane
Certificate: SGS
Usage: Animal feed, Alcohol Industrial
Grade: 1
Capacity: 1000 Tons/ Month
Packaging: Drums, Cans, Flexibag

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Molasses can be fed to animals in a number of different ways, such as mixing molasses with other foods, molting molasses to provide direct energy or as a substance containing N non-protein (NPN), vitamins, minerals and veterinary drugs. The main advantages of molasses as food include: - Increase energy density - Increase appetite - Reduce dust - Increasing metabolism should reduce food costs - Improved quality (physical) of the product - Covering less delicious food ingredients - Cheap Rum is usually produced from molasses. Sugar molasses is a rather complex mixture containing many non-crystalline sugars, containing nitrogen compounds, vitamins, inorganic compounds, growth stimulants, inhibitors of growth of microorganisms. (SO2, hydrogen oxymethylfurfurol), contaminant microorganisms ... Molasses is dark brown, this color is very difficult to destroy during fermentation. Color adheres to the biomass and product, so color separation is difficult and expensive. However, this is an environment rich in carbon resources, providing a source of nutrition for microorganisms to grow and a cheap and easy material ... If you need more information, please feel free to contact me anytime. Thanks and Best regards Jenny (Ms) Mobile: +84 905 926 612 (Wechat/ Whatsapp)

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