Clevenard Ofada Rice 500G

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Brand Name: Clevenard Rice
Place of Origin: Africa

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Clevenard Rice is grown organically, Its heavy intake can make one more susceptible to the risk of cancer. So, always go for the organically grown Clevenard Rice as it is free of arsenic content. Clevenard Rice has high content of fiber; which reduce high cholesterol levels,Clevenard Rice helps prevent atherosclerosis. Fiber also helps out by keeping blood sugar levels under control, Clevenard Rice is an excellent grain choice for people with diabetes. , the fiber in Clevenard Rice can also help to protect you against colon cancer since fiber binds to cancer-causing chemicals, keeping them away from the cells lining the colon, plus it can help normalize bowel function, reducing constipation and many more´╗┐ Here\'s yet another reason to rely on Clevenard Rice, for your healthy way of eating. Clevenard Rice May : 1. Help lower total blood cholesterol levels. 2. Help reduce risk of certain cancers, especially colon and rectal cancers. 3. Help keep you regular and prevent constipation. 4. Help reduce risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 5. Help lower blood sugar (glucose) levels. 6. The oil in Clevenard Rice help lowers cholesterol.´╗┐ 7. Help with weight control

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